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Producent: Terapoly
Wydawca: Terapoly

11 marca 2019

Gatunek: Niezależne, Symulacje, Strategie

Tryb gry: single


By word, by book, the tales of the brave and mighty are told in reverie. Every warrior is remembered, his stories spreading like a magician?s flame. But, what happens after the story? Where does the hero go after slaying the dragon, rescuing the damsel and freeing the people from an untold terror? No one really knows what happens to the old and retired soldiers. They listen of course, to the very far fetched stories that are passed down from mouth to mouth. Where? In the very taverns that are bustling with legends and the young at heart.

After years of roaming free, slaying evil and merrymaking in halls of drink, everyone takes an arrow to the knee. They have obligations and duties but most of all, the retired life is boring and redundant. They miss the dangers and wish they were young again. What better way to relive the life than to run a tavern? Travellers and adventurers from all kingdoms, far and wide come aspiring for fame and glory. They tell tales of their adventures, transforming cotton tails to horrendous beasts, morphing storms to witchery All the danger relived in safety because at the end of the day, the warmth still burns in the fireplace.

Your job is to run the tavern – Dragon&#39s Hangover. Some will seek drinks and food while some might seek the warmth of a bed. Manage your tavern and be the host that all adventurers admire. Your journey, as the tavern&#39s keep, begins now.

Wymagania sprzętowe

OS: 64-bitowy Windows 7
Procesor: Intel Core i5-2300, AMD Phenom II X4 940 lub lepszy
Pamięć: 4 GB pamięci RAM
Grafika: nVidia GTX 560
DirectX: wersja 11
Karta dźwiękowa: karta zgodna z systemem Windows

OS: 64-bitowy Windows 10
Procesor: Intel Core i7-6700
Pamięć: 8 GB pamięci RAM
Grafika: nVidia GTX 970 lub lepsza z obsługą SM5.0
DirectX: wersja 11
Karta dźwiękowa: karta zgodna z systemem Windows

Opis instalacji

1. Wypal obraz płyty lub zamontuj w wirtualnym napędzie.
2. Wyłącz firewall (blokuje wszystkie pliki exe w trybie online)
3. Zainstaluj grę.
4. Skopiuj zawartość katalogu &quotPLAZA&quot do folderu z grą
5. Graj
6. Wsparcie programistów. Pamietaj, jeśli ci sie podoba kup oryginal

Description By Mozaykin

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