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Producent: Novarama
Wydawca: Novarama

16 lipca 2019

Gatunek: Akcja, Wczesny dostęp

Tryb gry: single player


Animus ? Stand Alone Free Download PC Game Cracked in Direct Link and Torrent. Animus ? Stand Alone ? ANIMUS is an Action RPG that calls upon you to bring an end to a dying world. Button mashing will get you killed. Keep a keen eye on your stamina as you?

Killsquad looks like an RPG but plays like an action game. This creates a unique gameplay style you can enjoy with a keyboard or gamead. Our focus is on short, adrenaline pumping missions you can enjoy solo or 4 player coop.
Play as any of the four unique space bounty hunters, each with a class and a skill tree you unlock as you progress. Each is highly specialized, and has a set of starting skills and passive abilities. Then, on each level up, you get an opportunity to customize your character with new skills to adapt to your play style.

Wymagania sprzętowe

System operacyjny: Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1) Windows 10 (64-bit)
Procesor: Intel? Core i3 lub AMD Phenom ? II X3
RAM: 6 GB pamięci RAM
Karta wideo: NVIDIA? GeForce? GTX 660 lub AMD Radeon ? HD 7850 z 2 GB pamięci RAM
Miejsce na dysku twardym: 6 GB

Opis instalacji

1. Pobierz folder Killsquad do dowolnego dogodnego miejsca.
2. Uruchom Killsquad.exe.
3. Graj.
W folderze gry znajduje się folder ONLINE – skopiuj wszystko z niego do folderu wymiany gry – uruchom STEAM

Description By Mozaykin

Screenshot / Wideo

Rozmiar: 4.41 GiB

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