ELEX Update v.1.0.2846.0 2017 [MULTI-PL] [BAT] [EXE] chomikuj

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Tytuł: ELEX
Gatunek: Update Patch
Producent: Piranha Bytes
Wydawca: THQ Nordic
Data wydania: 17 października 2017
Język: Rosyjski, angielski, francuski, niemiecki, hiszpański, włoski, polski, czeski
Wersja: v.1.0.2846.0
Tabletka: BATTERY

Info update:http://steamcommunity.com/games/411300/announcements/detail/1459590331396859457

Aktualizacja 27 październik 2017


– Crash fix for systems with more than 16 logical CPU cores.
– If savegame limit is reached, Create new savegame is hidden. (limit is 99)
– Fixed saving for all Windows user.
– Fixed some freezes in tutorials. The tutorial wont be shown if the corresponding key bindings are not valid.
– Fixed saving after the Big Bang fight was not possible.
– Fixed pink water on some older AMD/ATI graphic devices.
– Fixed game freeze when you try to interact during an evade roll.

– Fixed permanently angry NPCs.
– Kral has now a quest marker for the Mana shrine quest.
– Jax gets the correct award from Reinhold when joining the Clerics.
– Bullet and Lucy dont die immediately when they encounter an enemy.
– Fixed quest targets when fighting in the arena.
– Trevor now gives Jax the correct reward, depending on his actions.
– Mad Bob

Rozmiar: 366.63 MiB

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