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Boulder Dash – Pirate's Quest

Developer: FirstStarSoftware/FlyOrDie
Genre: Arcade, Logic, Platform

In Boulder Dash-Pirate's Quest you play as either Crystal or her brother Rockford as you search for diamonds. Your objective is to gather all of the diamonds in each level as part of your quest to find all of Captain Lost 'Em's lost treasure. Are you up to the challenges that await you in all 3 beautiful worlds, as you lead your pirate crew in this quest for gems? In this gravity-based game you’ll have to avoid falling objects, traps and animated enemies so be sure to collect the necessary tools you find along the way.
So get ready to play. You'll need both logic and skill to succeed!

· The game's 100 levels are spread across three different locations
· On Lost 'Em's pirate ship where cannonballs, sacks, barrels, spiders impede your progress
· You will need to adjust to the special circumstances underwater: here diamonds float up!
· Deep in the jungle you will often need some tools, to reach the diamonds

System Requirements:

In order to run the game an x86 based computer (PC) with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP or Vista operating system is needed.

Minimum hardware requirements:

· 1 GHz CPU,
· 128 MB RAM,
· 800×600 screen resolution.

Recommended hardware requirements:

· 1.5 GHz CPU,
· 256 MB RAM.


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Rozmiar: 10.11 MiB

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