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proudly presents

Ascension to the Throne: Valkyrie / Strategy First



Release Notes:

As a result of treacherous conspiracy the ruler of Airath

Alexander was deprived of power and brought to distant land of

Oganthar. Craving for revenge, he returns to his native land

Alexander meets many friends and enemies on his way home, and

beautiful warrioress Eneya is among them. It is she who will

become the hero of the „Ascension to the Throne:


Courageous and beautiful warrioress Eneya summons allies to

repulse the countless legions of Samael demon craving for

world domination. Eneya becomes stronger with every battle she

and her troops win, her authority is rising, more and more

skilful and experienced warriors follow her banner

In the course of the new company gamer is going to know the

answers to many questions. What happened to Eneya when

Alexander was establishing his power in Oganthar? What ill

fate brought her to hostile lands? What bill will the fearless

warrioress deliver to the demon Samael leading an infernal


Combination of real-time movement around the game world and

turn-based battles

Large-scale tactical battles. Up to 20 squads (up to 10 units

in each)

More than 30 kinds of troops

About 20 spells from 4 schools of magic

Dozens of magical artifacts

Install Notes:

1. Unpack Release

2. Mount/Burn Image

3. Install Game

4. Play the game

Rozmiar: 1.01 GiB

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