The Lost Legends of Redwall The Scout Woodlander (2018) [ENG] [PLAZA] [DVD9] [ISO] chomikuj

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Producent: Soma Games
Wydawca: Soma Games

14 września 2018

Gatunek: Przygodowe, Niezależne

Tryb gry: single player


Step into the epic, story-rich world of the wildly popular Redwall books. The Scout is an episodic adventure game full of rich characters, high adventure, and most importantly, the first new official Redwall story since 2011. The first episode, called &quotLilygrove&quot tells the story of a mouse who is driven to Redwall Abbey when sea rats raid the peaceful village of Lilygrove. Not too far from the storied walls of Redwall Abbey is a small village of mice and moles living under the constant threat of vermin attack. Our hero, choose to play as either Liam or Sophia, is the newest member of the Lilygrove Scout Corps, a group of woodland rangers tasked with the protection of the little village and trained in the ancient ways of woodcraft. But your graduation is cut short by a sudden attack of pirates led by the brutal wearet, Scumsnout.

It will take all of your wit and guile to make it out alive
?The Scout? debuts a dynamic scent system unlike any game before it. Rather than stagnant, pre-designed paths that imitate scent, particles read the wind and the world to simulate realistic currents and pools. Scents themselves consist of parts and patterns designed around actual scent theory.

Outside of scent ?The Scout? is alive with both friend and foe – each sporting their own stories, values, and motives. It?s up to the player to decide whether they will prioritize the mission and leave the others to save themselves, or take the time to lend a helping paw.

As a new member of the Lilygrove Scout Corps, you may not be able to fight, but you?re clever, fast, and capable of some amazing leaps and daring stunts. Shimmy along ledges, scramble sheer cliffs, even squeeze through impossibly small spaces. With courage, faith, and friends by your side, Lilygrove?s fate rests in your paws.

Wymagania sprzętowe

OS: Windows
Procesor: Intel Core i3 – 2125 lub AMD FX-9800p ( 4100 PassMark Score)
Pamięć: 2 GB pamięci RAM
Grafika: GeForce GTX 295 lub Radeon HD 4850 ( 1000 PassMark Score)
DirectX: wersja 11
Pamięć: 2 GB dostępnego miejsca

OS: Windows
Procesor: Intel Core i7 3630 lub AMD FX-8150 ( 7600 PassMark Score)
Pamięć: 8 GB pamięci RAM
Grafika: GeForce GTX 470 lub Radeon HD 7850 ( 3500 PassMark Score)
DirectX: wersja 11
Pamięć: 4 GB dostępnego miejsca

Opis instalacji

1. Wypal obraz płyty lub zamontuj w wirtualnym napędzie.
2. Wyłącz firewall (blokuje wszystkie pliki exe w trybie online)
3. Zainstaluj grę.
4. Skopiuj zawartość katalogu &quotPLAZA&quot do folderu z grą
5. Graj
6. Wsparcie programistów. Pamietaj, jeśli ci sie podoba kup oryginal

Description By Mozaykin

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Rozmiar: 6.54 GiB

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