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DLC includes the following content:

– Black Emporium and Exiled Prince DLC
– Signature Edition DLC
– DLC Decrypter
– 18-Basic Unlockables Activator


– Install and Crack DA2, be sure to install in a Custom Location, do not install
in the default location.

– Run DA2

– Backup and delete profile.dap from Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age 2/Settings

– Run DA2, again.

– Exit DA2

– Run Activator

– Use [email protected] for the email address

– Click the button below the area where you put the email.

– Agree – left button

– Select the new profile.dap from Documents/Bioware/Dragon Age 2/Settings

– A box should pop up, saying that everything has been unlocked

– Exit Activator

– Now install all the DLC – Black Emporium/Exiled Prince/Signature Edition

– Edit decrypt_dlc.bat and add the following lines:
rem Signature Edition
deda2drm.exe DA2_PRO_COL C70C-FD85-FD48-FB7C-1035-5683-62C2-4979

– Run decrypt_dlc.bat from deda2drm.zip

– Once everything is decrypted, go to your DA2 Folder, move to addins.

– You should see three folders, da2_prc_one, da2_prc_seb, da2_pro_col.

– Open the manifest.xml of each folder, and change RequiresAuthorization=”1″
to RequiresAuthorization=”0″ in each.

– Play with all Unlockables/DLC.


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