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In Blockland you build with bricks online. It’s a simple concept with endless potential. By adding items, spawn points and vehicles to your creations you can create whole new styles of game play. Mazes, races, deathmatch or even more creative things…

Minimum System Requirements:
System: Windows ® XP or Windows Vista
Processor: 800 GHz
Memory: 512 mb
Video Card: 32mb
Sound card: compatible with DirectX 8
Hard disk: 51.0 MB

• You can play single player and network
• Large selection of equipment and weapons
• Saving and loading of individual buildings
• Automatic construction algorithm
• Multiple mini-games
• Creating interactive objects
• Realistic physics

Installation instructions:
• Disable Internet
• Start Blockland
• Now you can play the full version, but only offline.

Installing mods:
• Open the folder where you installed the game.
• Open the folder with the game folder, Add-Ons.
• Return pushes the archive with the mod.
• Start the game.
• Choosing a single mode.
• Choose a card you do not hurry to press the Start button and tyknite Add-Ons and there to tick the one mod that you want.

Rozmiar: 44.69 MiB

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