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Producent: TENBIRDS

22 lipca 2019

Gatunek: Akcja, Niezależne, RPG

Tryb gry: single player


Take on the role of an anonymous warrior ? caught out of place and time ? on a journey to bring an end to a broken world. Gather your weapons and choose with care: distance, timing, combinations, stamina, and attributes will determine the outcome of battle.

Animus: Stand Alone is an Action RPG comprised of quick stages and compact boss battles. SA is a companion piece to the world and lore of Ire: Blood Memory. You may be new to this fractured world, but foreknowledge of Ire is nonessential. We hope that all fans of ARPGs can find enjoyment in this game.

Fantasy Action RPG
Difficulty: 4 levels (Day 1 to Day 4)
End boss: 3 (+1 additional in Day 3)
Area themes: 4
Quests: 24 main quests per Day
Sidequests: 13 to 17 sidequests for farming
Progression: Quests, skill tree, equipment drop, reinforcement
Strategy/Tactics: Collect, combine, and balance equipment suited to the map or enemy.

Developer Notes
We would like to thank the fans and players of Ire: Blood Memory, Animus: Stand Alone, Animus: Harbinger, and ARPGs for supporting and encouraging us to make this happen. This version was a tough decision and challenge to take on. The main differences applied here are:

Graphics: New UI, graphics quality/overhaul, lighting, etc.

Wymagania sprzętowe

System operacyjny: Windows ? 7 (64-bitowy) i wyższy
Procesor: AMD FX-8150 / AMD Ryzen 3 1300X / Intel Core I5-2500K
RAM: 4 GB pamięci RAM
Karta graficzna: AMD Radeon HD 7000 series / Nvidia GeForce 600 series 2 GB
DirectX: wersja 11
Karta dźwiękowa: Realtek HD Audio
Miejsce na dysku: 3 GB

Opis instalacji

1. Wypal obraz płyty lub zamontuj w wirtualnym napędzie.
2. Wyłącz firewall (blokuje wszystkie pliki exe w trybie online)
3. Zainstaluj grę.
4. Skopiuj zawartość katalogu &quotPLAZA&quot do folderu z grą
5. Graj
6. Wsparcie programistów. Pamietaj, jeśli ci sie podoba kup oryginal

Description By Mozaykin

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